Stéphane di Vito Stéphane di Vito Senior Principal member of Staff
Scott Jones Scott Jones Managing Director

Your designs are worth cloning.

The reason? The increasing complexity of electronic systems and the related R&D spending. Contract manufacturers may over-produce successful products, or even be copied by competitors or opportunists.

How does this impact you?

The counterfeit IP or product impacts your revenue and your reputation when your brand is related to low-quality or even safety concerning counterfeit products.

Devices and appliances interfacing with networks may be subject to remote attacks. This is especially critical for industrial process automation or medical appliances.

Learn how hardware-based Secure Authenticator chips can provide a high level of security to your designs at an affordable cost.

Learning Objectives

    • Define the Secure Authenticator technology
    • Identify how a Secure Authenticator utilizes secure cryptography to protect designs
    • How to use a Secure Authenticator to:
       - Prevent cloning
       - Protect intellectual property
       - Comply with cybersecurity requirements for industrial and medical applications