Sankalp Sieghardt Senior Strategic Marketing Engineer

Intelligent motion control is the critical building block of innovative and sustainable manufacturing. From pumps to conveyor belts to extruding press to robotics, intelligent motion control is at the heart of highly agile and sustainable manufacturing. Robust and reliable solutions that enable advanced sensing, real-time connectivity, and deliver superior motion control are the need of the hour. 

Analog Devices is focused on delivering new technologies and solutions for motion control. From precision measurement, safety isolation, power management, deterministic industrial Ethernet, magnetic position sensors, and machine health. We help our customers enable the next generation of advanced and sustainable motion control. Learn more about Analog Devices' complete, system-level solutions for intelligent motion control applications and how we are helping our customers and partners quickly develop and deploy advanced motion solutions in this webinar

What will I learn

   • What is "Intelligent Motion", and why is there a need for it.
   • System-level solutions from Analog Devices for Intelligent Motion Control