Fiona Treacy Strategic Marketing Manager
Michal Brychta Systems Application Engineer

Create smarter, more sustainable, and healthier buildings with 10Base-T1L Connectivity from Analog Devices. To optimise the efficiency of buildings, increase their overall utilisation and maximise occupancy comfort, a host of new edge node sensors, actuators, camera, controller and digital signage is required. Seamless connectivity solutions are fundamental to accessing new insights and data for all existing and newly deployed edge devices and providing data to centralised control and management systems in a timely manner. Today’s commercial buildings have a number of connectivity challenges including the need for long reach connectivity, direct IP addressability and a myriad of deployed single twisted pair cabling of varying qualities. 10BASE-T1L connectivity provides the ideal solution for unifying the building automation network with seamless ethernet connectivity which can operate with existing deployed cables. This presentation will discuss the new 10BASE-T1L, IEEE802.3cg standard and how it can be utilised to daisy chain edge node devices within new and old buildings, while also reducing deployment and commissioning time for new edge devices. Join us live to find out how you can get direct IP addressable edge devices and utilise simple switch fabrics with integrated 10BASE-T1L PHYs from ADI to deploy line and ring topologies with optimised cable usage.

Attendees will learn:
– What is 10BASE-T1L / IEEE802.3cg Technology?
– How to utilise 10ABSE-T1L to develop IP addressable edge nodes in buildings?
– How to implement an efficient line and ring topology of building sensors/actuators and a network of daisy chained devices?
– How ADI can help you get started and what is available now?