Shasta Thomas Applications Engineer
Claire Croke Platform Strategy Marketing Engineer

Smart factories require intelligent sensors and actuators that facilitate better decision making, enabling flexible, and readily optimized manufacturing processes. IO-Link® is a standardized technology that enables traditional sensors to become intelligent sensors and makes a real-time configurable factory floor a reality. In this webinar, a brief history of IO-Link, the IO-Link standard, and how IO-Link is used in smart factory sensing applications will be outlined. The main focus will be on exploring the design challenges for smart factory sensors and actuators and how IO-Link transceivers address them. However, intelligent communications addressed by IO-Link technology is only one piece of the smart factory sensor application.

Of equal importance are the design considerations when implementing the sensor interface. This webinar will also explore how ADI’s precision signal chains accelerate the selection, evaluation and design of data conversion and signal conditioning technology used across the breadth of industrial sensing modalities. Pre-selected technology combinations, tools and expertise offer a simplified design journey, with optimizations for key performance specifications such as noise, bandwidth, density and power efficiency.

What Registrants will learn:

- Explore common design challenges for industrial sensors and how to overcome them

- Understand what IO-Link communication is and how it is used in industrial applications

- Learn how ADI's precision signal chains accelerate the design of industrial sensing solutions