Fintan Leamy Fintan Leamy Marketing Manager
Miguel Usach Merino System Applications Engineer

Across multiple industries, a large number of diverse applications require precision measurement and drive solutions – for many, speed of measurement and circuit response is becoming increasingly important. Example include Optical Communications where data transfer rates are now the Tera-Bit range with tight constraints on the laser control and drive circuitry. Electrical Impedance Tomography and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) in medical life science applications are demanding much faster image scans, and a higher degree of magnification. Hardware in the Loop (HiL) for Automotive Test applications demands precision and very low loop latency to ensure accurate modelling of the device under test (DUT).

Achieving faster, high-precision data conversion is challenging – precision ADC measurement or DAC drive has traditionally been achieved by trading off speed. The highest speed converters often come at the cost of lower precision. Today, ADI has a new portfolio of DAC, ADC and uModule products that push the boundaries of precision and speed, making many application challenges easier to solve.

This Webinar will present some of these application challenges requiring precision at greater speeds, and detail specific converter products in our new portfolio that simplifies and accelerates the design journey. New resources for engineers including example signal chains, reference designs, software, simulation and power management support will also be discussed.

Join us live to learn about the latest developments for designs requiring high-precision data conversion, at speed.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • The need for Faster Precision Data Converters in a broad range of applications
  • ADI's Latest Precision Converter Technologies and Solutions
  • Design tools and support for wide-bandwidth precision signal chains
  • Application examples requiring fast precsion data conversion