Bríde Ní Riagáin Bríde Ní Riagáin System Applications Engineer, Advanced Automation Analog Devices
Lars Jaskulski Lars Jaskulski Manager Business Pipeline ADI Trinamic

The days of Additive Manufacturing (3d printing) being a tool only for prototype builders and hobbyists are over. Additive Manufacturing is fast becoming a manufacturing solution of choice in many healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and consumer applications. As the industry moves towards mass industrialization and automation, new technologies are needed to deliver higher precision products at faster production rates. Increased focus on quality demands high inline monitoring, analysis, and testing levels.

This webinar will explore some leading print methodologies enabling the end markets. We will review the trends driving the Additive Manufacturing market and how ADI technology is part of its evolution. We will also explore some of Analog Devices' technology portfolios that apply to this industry. In particular, we will focus on ADI Trinamic industry-leading solutions for smoother, quieter, more accurate motion control.

Learning Objectives
• Overview of Additive Manufacturing industry trends.
• Review of some of the leading 3d print methodologies.
• Deep dive into some of ADI's technology in this space, including ADI Trinamic compact motor drivers and embedded motion control solutions.