Ian Vincent Andal Ian Vincent Andal Product Applications Engineer
Jose Enrique Pabalan Jose Enrique Pabalan Product Application Engineer

Precision signal chains are an integral part of the ever-growing technology industry. Stringent calibration can increase the performance of a system, but it also increases production cost and system complexity, which, in turn, also lengthens the time to market for our customers' products.

Through ADI's extensive portfolio of best-in-class precision Digital-to-Analog converters, we reduce the need for these expensive and time consuming calibrations, improving total system precision, decreasing production cost, and simplifying system design to achieve a faster time to market.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Take a quick overview of the Precision Landscape and highlight the market segments and applications where precision DACs are demanded.
  • Understand the sources of errors in a typical signal chain.
  • Discuss error reduction through simplified signal chains and showcase our precision DAC products for different scenarios and applications.