Salem Gharbi Salem Gharbi System Applications Engineer
John Lannan Strategic Marketing Manager

Join this interesting webinar with an interactive Q & A session that guides you through how advances in intelligent buildings technology can be applied to actuators in HVAC systems. Learn how single-pair-Ethernet is revolutionizing building retrofitting, utilizing the existing single pair wiring to deliver data and power to the edge. With motors representing 38% of all energy used in commercial buildings, learn how advanced motor controllers is making the difference, and ensuring you can meet efficiency and sustainability goals, to realize a Net-Zero Future with ADI. 

Attendees Will Learn About:

  • How single-pair-Ethernet can reduce retrofit installation time, eliminate cabling waste, while bringing the benefits of IP to the edge
  • How advanced actuators in HVAC systems can contribute to efficiency.
  • How to use advanced motor controllers for dynamic fine-tuned control