Eamon Nash Applications Director

The operating point (or bias point) of most RF amplifiers is adjustable. Adjusting and RF amplifier's supply current allows for an optimal trade off between power consumption and performance (RF Output Power and Distortion). Newer lower power RF amplifiers have a single positive supply voltage and biasing that is set by a supply referenced resistor. But most traditional GaAs and GaN amplifiers require a negative gate voltage that must be correctly sequenced to avoid damage. Active bias controllers provide a complete biasing and sequencing solution for GaAs amplifiers but come with trade offs. Higher supply voltage GaN radar amplifiers generally require more discrete biasing circuits that combine power management, safe sequencing and fast on/off switching.

This webinar will look at all of these topics in depth and will present complete circuits that meet the needs of the device being used and of the end application.

Attendees will learn

  • Overview of ADI's RF Amplifiers
  • Operation of a Typical Depletion Mode RF Amplifier
  • Active Bias Control of RF Amplifiers
  • Design of Bias Circuits for GaN Radar Power Amplifiers which provide Power Management, Biasing and Fast on/off operation