Daniel Cheng Senior Manager Multi-Market Power Business Unit

Power supply designers face constant challenges demanding both high efficiency and low noise. Combining these with market forces requiring miniaturization, robustness and increased reliability complicate the power design process. Tradeoff is not an option. Conventional power supply designs are challenged by opposing requirements such as achieving high efficiency and low EMI performance without increasing solution size.

Join this webinar in which co-inventor and design engineer, Daniel Cheng discusses how current and future innovations of Silent Switcher technology help designers achieve their design goals. This technical deep dive will provide insight into the performance, design, and future of this technology and its applicability in markets and applications including Industrial, Instrumentation and Measurement, Communications, Automotive, Healthcare, Energy, and more.

Attendees will learn:

  • Learn how to achieve high efficiency while minimizing EMI and solution size
  • Discover how Silent Switcher regulators solve specific application challenges
  • Get a glance at future innovations to stay ahead of the market trends

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