Tyler Schmitt Product Applications Engineer
Anne Mahaffey Precision Signal Chain Tools

This technical presentation will focus on key precision signal chain performance optimization challenges like analog filter design and ADC driving. Fundamentals of quantifying noise across the signal chain, filter topology tradeoffs and balancing noise filtering with ADC kickback settling will be among the key design topics presented. Online design tools targeted at addressing these challenges will be also be highlighted.

Attendees will learn about:

    • Noise Analysis
      • Understanding the problem
      • Optimizing system noise with signal conditioning strategies
    • Filtering Topologies
      • Topology tradeoffs
      • How to convert a single-ended filter design to a fully differential design
    • ADC Driving Challenges
      • Understanding the problem
      • Balancing noise filtering vs. kickback settling
      • Driver selection concerns
      • Using online design tool

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