Ruairí Nealon Ruairí Nealon Transceiver Applications Engineers
Oisín Watkins Oisín Watkins Transceiver Applications Engineers

Introduction to a universally reprogrammable SDR transceiver family, integrating a number of highly programmable advance system level features such as DPD, Fast Frequency Hopping, Automatic gain control, programable filters, dynamic power savings, autonomous monitor mode, RSSI, multi-chip sync. Radio calibration features such as LO leakage and QEC that enable and advance level of performance, integration, form factor and power savings not commonly associated or available within radio transceiver IC.

Attendees will learn:

  • IC System level integration
  • Overview of the digital calibrations
  • Overview of the Advance system features
  • Suitability for advanced waveform development

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