Brock Bearss Senior Product Applications Engineer
Pablo delCorro MEMS Product Applications Engineer

This webinar will introduce new sensing technology, which will enable a new generation of smart, sustainable, remote, motion sensing. Most of the discussion will focus on the ADXL367, a brand-new triaxial accelerometer function, which improves size, power and resolution (noise), over prior industry-best solutions, by a factor of 2x, while also adding a number of power-saving features. For example, unique integration of the tap/double-tap detection function only adds ~35nA of current demand and eliminates the need for digital monitoring/processing of the motion data. The bottom line is that this technology is enabling life-changing functions in personal health/fitness, along with many asset monitoring functions in a wide range of industrial, defense and aerospace applications

Attendees will learn:

  • Emerging applications that require best-available energy efficiency
  • Functional overview of power-saving, modes of operation
  • Detailed description of key accelerometer attributes, for common motion sensing applications