Claire Croke
Michael Hennessy

Welcome to Get More Out of Your Precision Low-Latency Signal Chain

Analog Devices signal chain group will introduce a low latency signal chain anchored around the latest Fast precision devices to deliver fast settling with precision. Please read the Analog Devices EngineerZone Code of Conduct before posting.

About the Presenters

Claire Croke joined Analog Devices in 1999 and currently works in the Precision Platform Team. In her previous roles in Analog Devices, Claire worked in the Precision Applications and Marketing teams. Claire graduated with a BEng in Electronic Engineering from University of Limerick, Ireland.

Michael Hennessy is currently the Marketing and Engineering Manager for the Precision Signal Chain uModule team. Previously he worked as the Marketing Manager in Precision Converters. Michael also spent 15 years designing high precision converters at Analog Devices.

Attendees will learn:

  • Understand low latency precision signal chains and their uses across a range of industrial and instrumentation applications
  • Identify the key specifications of each component in the low latency signal chain, and discover design tools and collateral to accelerate design times
  • Learn about how Analog Devices integrated Filter products can optimize the overall design performance.  
About the Webcast

Whether you are working on a precision control loop — for example, in a source measurement unit — or a hardware-in-the-loop application, the core of your design is focused on developing a precision low-latency measurement and drive signal-chain circuit. Analog Devices’ signal chain group will introduce a low-latency signal chain anchored around the latest fast-precision devices to deliver fast settling with precision.

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