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Analog Devices RFMW solutions group leads the way in reducing RF & Microwave design complexity and development costs by integrating larger portions of the frequency spectrum into single Ics while enhancing the overall feature set of a single IC. This allows reuse across multiple radio designs and enables much faster development cycles. Advancements in RF Frequency Generation, Tunable Filters, Wideband Switches, Wideband Attenuators & Low Phase Noise Amplifiers are driving a new era in smallest size, widest reuse radio designs without sacrificing performance. In this webcast we will focus on the LO & Clock Generation signal chain and showcase ways in which Analog Devices are making complex designs more accessible to the RF community. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • Latest LO and Clocking Signal Chain solutions from Analog Devices.
  • Specific application use cases.
  • Key Performance metrics that are most important when choosing components & tradeoffs in integration.

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Download the presentation here

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