A2B bus startup problem


our customer has encountered the following problem launching the procedure described in "Master Bring-Up and Operation", in "Bus A2B Transceiver Technical Reference"100

1. After power up wait for 100 us,

2. Set the bit A2B_CONTROL.MSTR = 1 of the AD2428 over I2C bus,

3. Submit 48kHz meander signal to SYNC pin,

4. Wait for 100 us, read A2B_CONTROL.MSTR (it has value = 1)

5. Output IRQ0 becomes 1, but when reading reister A2B_INNTYPE we see zeros,

6. the output VSSN remains in a high state, i.e. the slave device is not connected to the power bus. A2B_SWCTL.NSW cannot be set to 1 because this register is not available for operation via the I2C port directly.

Can you advise a solution for this problem or send us an example code.