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3 out of 5 deaths result from fires in properties without working smoke alarms, and 23% of deaths are caused by fires where smoke alarms were present, but were intentionally disabled due to false alarms. New UL 217 (8th edition) guidelines aim to reduce these statistics by introducing criteria to reduce nuisance alarms. But how can manufacturers be sure they are meeting this regulatory compliance and preventing the high occurrence of nuisance alarms? 

New high performance sensing solutions from ADI are helping smoke and fire detector manufacturers solve these challenges. To address the needs of different customers, a number of solution offerings are available.  We will review our new software and algorithm offering, which will help comply with the new regulations and prevent alarm disabling due to nuisance alarms. Tune in to learn more about how to design better smoke detectors and save more lives!

  • How the UL 217 8th edition has created new challenges
  • Interpreting the regulations and explaining the impact they have
  • The approach for handling the new regulations

Download the presentation here.

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