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Can ADPD188BI be used to measure density of smoke? Does the output vary linearly with respect to smoke particle size?

Ringelmann scale is used for monitoring the density of smoke from chimney stacks. Based on the density of particles, the colour changes through white to black, in linear shades of grey.

Can the part be used in this application?



  • The ratio of the response of the Blue LED to the IR LED of the ADPD188BI would change as particle size changes. Also, the absolute scattering will change. Our scattered light measurement is proportional to the obscuration due to the smoke in the optical path of the sensor so the absolute output to each LED wavelength will change as the level of obscuration changes. Thus, for a given smoke type, the output from our sensor would be proportional to the Ringleman scale just like it is proportional to the obscuration sensor.