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VOUT Change vs. Temperature of ADR5044WBRTZ

I have a question for VOUT Change vs. Temperature of ADR5044WBRTZ.

The customer requests VOUT(ADR5044WBRTZ) Change at temperature=-40 and 125 deg for reference data.
I found this data from the data sheet, but there were only ADR5041(Figure 2) and AD5045(Figure 5).
Do you have this data for ADR5044WBRTZ(ADR5044 Grade B)?

Best regards

  • Hi Nozawa,

    I do not have a temperature curve graph for the ADR5044 voltage option to share. However, the temperature curve will be very similar to that of the other voltage options in this family. I do have some data from the product characterization. This data was gathered at three temperatures: -40°C, 25°C and 125°C.

    Vout Error of the ADR5044 with 100uA bias current:


    Mean: -0.0112513 V

    SD    : 0.00371904 V


    Mean: 0.000102435 V

    SD    : 0.00189342 V


    Mean: -0.00858177 V

    SD    : 0.00539061