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When the ADR435 input voltage less then 7.0V

I really want to know the minimum input voltage Fengyun ADR435ARMZ? (I need 7.0 volts below the estimated base on the characteristics of the internal circuit design)

Can someone give me some calculation or help?


  I don't know what Fengyun means??

Are you asking if you can use 7V input?  The spec table on page 8 of the rev M data sheet has 7-18V

at the top of the table, and line regulation is speced with 7-18V.  However, Load regulation is 8V in over

temperature.  Also see TYPICAL (don't design to this) figures 14 and 15.

If you need low Vin/Vout, look at the ADR445 or the newer ADR4550.


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