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ADR421 VIN Range


For the ADR421 device, what is the minimum voltage for the VIN input? 

In our design, we are planning to use it for the  VIN=5V and VOUT=2.5V.

However, our input voltage may degrade and becomes between the 4.75V and 4.925V. For the voltage VIN=4.85V, does output voltage also degrade? What will be the output voltage for such a case? Does the output voltage stay in range [2.475V, 2.525V] ? 

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi  the specified voltage range for ADR421 is from 4.5V to 18V so the output will stay on the range of what is specified on the datasheet. 

    A Grade: 2.497 to 2.503

    B Grade: 2.499 to 2.501

    Best regards…

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