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LTC4151 read operation is giving zero every time i tried to read the control register

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC4151_MOSP
Software Version: IAR embedded workbench 8.50.6

Hello all-I have an LTC4151 with both address pins not connected. I am trying to read the control register but getting zero only every time in receive Buffer instead of  getting default value which is = 0x0C.

The slave address is - 6A<<1.control register address 0x06 . Please find attached Oscilloscope graph of data and clock line of I2C.

I am able to see the clock signal  generated at 175Khz (Slave speed),I also tried at 285Khz ,380Khz and 400Khz (Max clock speed)  but the results were same in each case ie. Control register read value = 0x00.

Also the Ack signal from LTC4151 is coming correctly.

I am not clear on what else i can check or change to read the correct values from the control register.

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