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LTSpice - LT6650 Simulation Model quiescent current

Category: Software
Product Number: LTSPICE
Software Version: LTSPICE

I am using LTSPICE to develop a very low power device.  This is for the wake event trigger, so is always powered from a battery even when sleeping.

So the current draw must be minimal.

I am using the model for the LT6650 low power reference, this is being used to supply a reference to a sensor that wakes the device.

The datasheet says Iq at 5V should be (typically) 6uA, but I am seeing 23uA with zero load.

I've tried the simulation model test harness and got the same result.

Is the datasheet incorrect or the model or am I just using it wrong?



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  • Hi   I confirmed the issue that you are experiencing. It is possible that the IQ parameter was not designed in the model. 

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