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ADR4550 temperature drift reset after power cycling?


In the datasheet for ADR4550 and related parts there are graphs "thermal hysteresis" that show how the output voltage change (in ppm) vs temperature cycling (fig. 113-118 in datasheet)

For example going from (starting point) 25C->70C->25C (end point) will introduce a change.

The question is: If the ADR4550 is power cycled after the end point, will the output voltage then come back to the starting point voltage?

In other words, will the thermal hysteresis be reset together with a power cycling?

I assume it will be like that?

Another related question is if the circuit start at 25C and increase to 70C and I then do a reset (power cycling) will the accuracy then be improved or unchanged?

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  • Hi Joakim,

    I think the power cycling and hysteresis are related but not dependent on each other.

    The hysteresis is the effect of the materials expanding at different rate due to change in ambient temperature.

    The power cycling is due to current passing through the part.

    So power cycling the part may help alleviate the effect of thermal hysteresis but not because you power cycle it but because you let the part rest. But this will not totally remove most of the effect, the only way to remove most the expansion effect of thermal hysteresis is by giving contraction effect on the part by putting it to cold cycle.



  • Your answer sounds like nobody has checked to see if this is true. I also wish to know if the reference stability is "reversed" after a sleep mode and no one seems to know. 

  • Hi Joakim,

    This is tested by our test engineer. And they confirmed that the power cycling not necessarily the one helping in recovery of the thermal hysteresis but the time the part is rested.

    For the "reversed" of the reference stability, what do you mean by this?