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Hello, I would like to know what is the typical maximum current output of ADR3450ARJZ-R7. I need 30mA for my application. 

The datasheet states at least 10mA.

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  • Hi Tom,

    I currently don't have that data right now. Yup as what you noticed in the datasheet specification table the part can exceed the output current but at certain conditions:

    • Increasing the load current further than 10mA will need more differential voltage
    • We need to consider the Maximum Power dissipation. For more information, please look at page 19

    But for your application, I would suggest using "Boosted Output Current Reference" circuit at page 21 of the datasheet. This will allow you to aim freely on how much load current you need, just pick a suitable mosfet.



  • Hello, Thank You for your reply.

    I have already exchanged ADR3450 with REF195 in my design and managed to find space for it on PCB. REF195 will suit me better I think. I would appreciate Your opinion.

    Best regards,


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