What is the output impedance of LT1461?

What is the output impedance of LT1461?


I am using the chip of LT1461 to make a 5V reference voltage, and behind the LT1461 is a amp circuit.

Now, I want to know the output impedance of LT1461 to fiure out if the behind circuit will affect the 5V output of LT1461.

But the datasheet doesn't mention the output impedance,

so would you help me to find where I can get the parameter of output impedance of LT1461?

Thank you very much and I am looking forward to your reply.

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  • Hi ,

    from the datasheet it states load regulation of typ. 12ppm/mA this would translate to 12 E-6 / 1 E-3= 12 E-3 Ohms (static, sourcing).
    If you have OPA on output of ref., impedance has normally…

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