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VREF LTZ1000 -55 +125

hello AD folks

i see on main page LTZ1000 spec operating temp as -55 to 125 and non ROHS

may i know what is the particular ROHS detail?

is there some kind of material report that could be read?

im asking because i want to know if i could order the non ROHS unit for operation @ -10C.


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  • Hi renezrepus,

    Regarding the -55 to +125DegC temp range in the mouser and digikey, I'm currently looking in to it. But my initial response would be that it is correct. 

    The datasheet says that the operating temp range of the part is -55 to 125DegC. So we are looking if the product page have some error with the data it shows. 

    I also sent you the MD for the LTZ1000ACH#PBF, but this is the ROHS Compliant as per product page. 

    Is there any requirement material you are limited in your application? 



  • hello :)

    im not limited by ROHS regulation

    yes i know the pdf states the part operates at -55+125C, but it does not state ROHS or not. under the same pdf page 8, the only related part which is -55+125C is LT1021 in PCD/TO5 format. these 2 TO5 parts from the sample/buy section webpage states they are not ROHS. so i assume ROHS "status" makes the part perform worse in low temperature.

    similar to this is LM399, the -55C parts on pdf does not state ROHS status. (there is an error in the 199399fc.pdf, page 8. 0.05ppm/°C, 1.2mVP-P Noise. i think it should be 1.2uV)

    what are my options in getting a genuine non-ROHS -55C capable part in single qty for experiments?

  • Hi renezrepus,

    For the LTZ1000, in the PDF Ordering Information page 2, the part with the Lead Free Finish are equivalent to the ROHS compliant. The 0 to 70DegC temp range at the product page are just misunderstanding in our part and we are currently fixing it. So the LTZ1000ACH#PBF and LTZ1000CH#PBF temp range is -55 to 125DegC. You can use this two in your application or you can also use the LTZ1000ACH.

    The RoHS doesn't really affects the temperature range of the part. The RoHS compliant pertains to the hazardous substances inside the product. For example There is LT1021CIN8-10#PBF which is -40 to 85DegC but RoHS compliant and there is LT1021CCH-5 which is non RoHS but only operate from 0 to 70DegC. The temperature range of the part depends on which application it will be used. On Page to of 1021fc.pdf Absolute Maximum Rating you can see what application requires lower/higher temp range. And on the same page at the bottom of Ordering Information, you can see that looking for part with #PBF means LeadFree/RoHS Compliant.

    I can't seem to find LM399 with operating temperature of -55DegC.

    For the error in the noise value, will start on fixing it. Thanks for information.

    Is there a reason why go for non-RoHS instead of RoHS compliant?



  • I can't seem to find LM399 with operating temperature of -55DegC.

    you need to find older LM399. like those in HP 3457a. the low drift is fantastic due to the age.

    there is no click and order anywhere in this world for LTZ1000ACH or LTZ1000CH. you must be kidding me. is ADI still producing these?

  • Hi renezrepus,

    In regards to the leaded(not Lead Free) parts, we require our customer to contact our sales directly for purchase. And just to be clear regarding this, is there any specific reason on using the leaded one instead of the ROHS compliant one?