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AD588ARWZ alternatives


I have seen on the Analog website that the AD588 is not recommended for new designs. Is there a one on one alternative available that is recommended for new designs?

Kind regards, Jonas

  • Hi Jonas,

    Could you give me more information on what application, supposedly, you are going to use the AD588?

    Do you have a specific specs that you are aiming to use?



  • Hi Mon,

    I'm already using the AD588 in a current design.  The AD588 is used as the control element of a bipolar bridge in combination with an AD620 to amplify the output value of the bridge. The reason I asked if the are any one-on-one alternatives (same pinout and package and with the same or better specs concerning drift, error, etc...) is because I wanted to know if I could change my bill of materials to another chip without the need of changing my pcb design when the AD588 becomes obsolete.

    Kind regards, Jonas

  • Hi Jonas,

    Currently we have no pin-to-pin alternative for the AD588. And please be at ease, the information regarding the AD588 not being recommended is just a miscommunication in our part. The AD588 will still be in production and currently we have no plan on putting it in obsolete.

    Best Regards,


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