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Absolute Maximum rating ADR291/2

Hi , 

could you please let me know the Absolutist Maximum rating of  Vout pin .

I would like to know this because there are case when the input falls below the Vout and  Vin < Vout (Capacitor).

Thanking you 

With best regards and wishes 

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  • Hi Kabekami

    I tried to do some Curve Trace see graph below:

    1. Vout vs GND

    2. Vout vs Vin

    As you can see the internal circuit will trip at around .5V difference between the Vout and the other 2 pins. With this I would recommend to keep the Vout-Vin<0.5V. I'm still not sure if these response is that of the ESD or other else. 

    If need be, please add some external ESD that will trip below the trip point shown above at the output pin.

    Best Regards,


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