LT1461 DNC pin problem

Hi ADI team,

There are four DNC pin for LT1461, and I found that the DC impedance is only 5ohm between pin7 and pin8. Another samples show around 0.83Kohm between pin7 and pin8, and the voltage works well for 3V output.

I put my all measurement below.

pin7 to pin8 is 0.83Kohm ==> 15pcs PCBA ==> 3V output is OK

pin7 to pin8 us 5ohm ==> 2pcs PCBA ==> not to power on yet.

I wonder if it is OK for both conditions for pin7 and pin8, and can you confirm what's going on for both measured impedance? Can I power on for these 2pcs PCBA? Any risk?

Please note that I leave DNC pin floating wihtout any connection.