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LT6654AH Datasheet clarification on accuracy


Could you please help us clarify accuracy specification for this device. Page 4 specified worst case accuracy over temperature to be +/-0.215%. However everywhere else in the datasheet graphs over temperature (page 1 or 10 for example) the worst case accuracy is shown to be under 0.1%. 

We'd like to clarify in the range of -40 to +80C what is the actual accuracy for 5V device:  LT6654AHS6-5# ?

Thank you for your answer!

  • Hi vitaliy78,

    Just to clarify things, the output voltage accuracy parameter that you can see in the spec table(page 5) is the sum of the accuracy deviation that the LT6654 can have. So the +/-0.215% includes the initial accuracy, temperature coefficient, etc. The 0.05% initial accuracy of the LT6654AHS6-5  is the deviation of the output you get when you first test the component(no temperature variance and no solder shift considered).

    Operating at -40 to +80C, by computation, you should consider +/-0.171% of output voltage accuracy.

    Best Regards,