ADR425 trim circuit is unclear

The datasheet (Fig 40, pg 17) is unclear as to the values for R2 and Rp. ? give me some reference R2\RP value on adr425 pls.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 23, 2019 12:28 AM

    Hi Abby,

    Selecting resistor R2 and potentiometer Rp depends on VOUT trim target. I have designed ADR425 user trim model which can be used to determine value of R2 and Rp based on desired VOUT. For examples, selecting R2=98.5k and Rp=7.5k trims output range to +-10mV (5.10 mV to 4.99mV). Please note the expected trim output voltage range is based on nominal resistance value, in other words it does not include worst case variation of trim range caused by resistance tolerance and temperature.

    ADR425 user trim LTSpice model:

    What trim voltage are you trying to achieve?

    What application is driven by ADR425 reference?

    Please click on link below to download ADR425 LTSpice user trim model.

    ADR425 User Trim Model