Successor to AD586


Could you please recommend the successor to AD586?



  • Hi, 

    I moved your question on the AD586 to the Voltage References community. Someone here should be able to assist you. 



  • Hi Hiroyuki,

    I note that the AD586 was recently moved to a status of "Not Recommend for New Designs". At this time this should not be interpreted that there is any immediate threat to continuity of supply of this product, or that there is any short-term obsolescence imminent but it simply is indicative that this product is aging and moving through the lifecycle curve due to it's vintage.

    Which version of the AD586 are you currently using (package/grade) so that I can make the best recommendation for you ? What is the key specification ? For example, the AD586 is a buried zener product and therefore has very low long term drift. Would you also like a product that has low long term drift ?