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Getting connected to VESA Standards

A new professional video customer may not be aware of the vast industrial community supporting video and audio standards. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) is one of these organizations boasting over 165 members and producing or supporting products in the display industry. Most recently VESA published the DisplayPort standard, but also publishes updates to existing standards regularly, such as, timing standards and the popular E-EDID standard. This FAQ points to a few links on the VESA site that may help answer some questions.

  • Does VESA keep an updated Glossary of common video terminology?    Yes, VESA has a very complete glossary, updated in 2009. Go to the VESA home page and click "Glossary of Terms" on the bottom of the right menu pane. VESA home:
  • How does VESA distribute its standards?    Any VESA member, like Analog Devices, has access to all VESA standards both published and in development as part of its membership. Members download standards from the VESA Document Center. Non-members may either obtain some of the VESA standards for free or purchase newer standards directly from VESA. The free standards can be obtained by clicking this link,; but if the standard is not available for free, order the more popular VESA standards using this order form: