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ADV7802 Design Support Files

Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7802.

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File Content
ADV7802 Product Page Link to Product Page
ADV7802 Datasheet Link to ADV7802 Datasheet
Additional Support Documents
ADV7802_HW_RevB.pdf Hardware Manual (file attached below in ADV7800
ADV7802_SW_RevC.pdf Software Manual (file attached below in ADV7800

Guidelines for operating the ADV7802 in 2D mode without external memory

(file attached below)

ADV7802 Memory BIST test

Document listing a Built-in self test for memory interface

(file attached below)

IBIS Model
ADV7802.ibs Link to IBIS model
Evaluation Board Support



Scripts to run on the evaluation board with the DDR memory option

(file attached below in ADV7802 Evaluation Board



Scripts to run on the evaluation board with the SDR memory option

(file attached below in ADV7802 Evaluation Board

  • Those writes are to configure the video decoder which is part of the test set up for the ADV7802

  • Hello,

    In the 2D only operation document, there is an example script at the end. However, the addresses are extremely strange for me. For example:

    54 17 02 ; Software Reset

    What is 54?! According to the SW manual there is no such address, but regarding the comment I would guess it is the I/O block, since that one has a "Resets" register, but then the next byte is 0x17 which should be 0x60 for the "Resets" address....

    Please correct me if I have a big mistake in my mind.

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best Regards,

    Krisztian Bakos