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Can I dynamically re-map the component luma (Y Channel) input to be a composite (CVBS) input and reduce analog connectors on my system connectors?

Yes we can easily perform this function with our front end analog input muxing.

Taking the ADV7844/2 as an example:

For a component input (Y/Pb/Pr) connected to Ain4/5/6  (ADC0/1/2 respectively) the customer can plug a CVBS input to the Y connector, run the recommended CVBS script and adjust the manual muxing via the AFE Map.

AFE Map = Device address 0x4C.   Enable Manual Muxing  =  Register 0x02 [7] = 1’b1

AFE Map = Device address 0x4C.   ADC0 Muxing               =  Register 0x03 [7:4] = 4’bxxxx    (Where xxxx selects the AinX to be routed to ADC0)

The following constraints apply on analog muxing for the ADV7844/ADV7842:

(1)    The CVBS, Y or G signal must be routed to ADC0

(2)    The C signal in S-Video( YC) mode must be routed to ADC2

Refer to your specific products hardware manual, Analog Front end section for more details.