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ADV7188 - How Do I Program the ADV7188 correctly?

There are pointers given below that would help in programming the ADV7188. To start with the ADV7188

datasheet should be consulted in conjuncture with the pointers given below.


-  apply power supply as required


-  wait for 5 millisecond (ms) period


-  apply a reset for 5 ms period


-  wait 5 ms after reset has been de-asserted


-  program the ADV7188 as advised on our I2C script



ADI customers should use our internal status register to determine that their incoming video signal was successfully locked in (look out for HS_Lock, CSC_Lock, In_Lock etc).


In all cases ADI advises our customers to use our evaluation platform as a reference.



Further to the above, on the output side ADI customers should verify that the HS and VS clocks are correct as specified on the ADV7188 datasheet.


Another point worth noting is that if the setup is correctly established, and the user removes the input signal (CVBS unplugged from AIN1 for example) the ADV7188 will generate a blue screen - this is the internal test pattern generated by the device. This is an indication of a correct setup by the user.