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I want to get more luma B/W through the SD decoder path ?

Disable the DNR,

Ensure correct selection of the luma shaping filter.

Enable the luma peaking filters

An alternative high pass filter also exists and is not documented in the DS. It can be enabled by setting bit 6 of register 0x4D = 0

  • Hi,

    I did all the thins listed above, but the result didn't change :-(

    I'm sending an horizontal frequency sweep from 1 MHz to 6 MHz into an ADV7183B, I'm grabbing the digitized data with a DSP and then I plot the data with Matlab. I see that the higher frequencies are attenuated and there seems to be a modulation too.

    What's the maximum bandwidth of the ADV7183B?

  • If you are using AA filters you also need to make sure that these are bypassed. The after enabling the high pass filter as advised above you need to control its response with the existing peaking filter controls.

    The ADV7183 product is an old part no longer supported by ADI

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  • What do you mean with AA filters? Anti Aliasing filters? Are they internal to the decoder or do you mean the external recommended filters?

    I'm using a low pass analog filter on the signal entering into the decoder, but I've already checked it with an oscilloscope after the filter and before the decoder and it doesn't show any attenuation

    If they're internal to the decoder I'm not sure if I'm using them. I'm using the  programming sequence recommended in Table 91 of the ADV7183B datasheet.

    Can you tell me how to bypass the AA filters?

    I know that the ADV7183B is no longer supported and we're planning the transition to the ADV7184, but this is an older product that is still using the ADV7183B.