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ADV7181C Design Support Files

Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7181C.

You can download zipped file collections.

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File Content
ADV7181C Product Page Link to Product Information Web Page
ADV7181C Datasheet Link to Product Shortform Datasheet
ADV7181C_Manual_RevC.pdf ADV7181C Hardware Manual      ZIP file of the one document above
ADV7181C Evaluation Board Schematic
ADV7181C_Evaluation_Board_RevB_Layout.pdf ADV7181C Evaluation Board Layout
ADV7181C_Evaluation_Board_RevB_BOM.xls ADV7181C Evaluation Board BOM
ADV7181C_Eval_Note_RevB.pdf ADV7181C Evaluation Board Note      ZIP file of the three documents above


Scripts for the ADV7181C Eval Board Register Control SW
ADV7181C.set, ADV7181C@.set, ADV7341.set
Defaults files for the ADV7181C Eval Board Register Control SW

     ZIP file of the four documents above
ADV7181C_ADV7181C@_ADV7341-VER.8bit-Out-Encoder.txt Scripts to support 8-bit outputs with 525i, 525p, 626i YPrPb and RGB inputs
ADV7181C_Configuring_the_ADV7181C_for_RGB_with_external_CSync.pdf Note describing how to configure the ADV7181C when providing an RGB signal with external CSync from a camera
ADV7180_ADV7181C_LumaGainCalibration.pdf Note describing how to calibrate the luma gain for the ADV7180 and the ADV7181C
ADV7180_ADV7181C_ChromaGainCalibration.pdf Note describing how to calibrate the chroma gain for the ADV7180 and the ADV7181C      ZIP file of the four documents above
IBIS models of the ADV7181C I/O     ZIP file of the one document above
  • The ADV7181C can only convert YPrPb to RGB (component to RGB) or pass RGB through from the extra three ADC inputs, not CVBS to RGB (composite to RGB).

    These features are intended to handle SCART inputs with fast overlays of the RGB input over the CVBS input.  The added features such as YPrPb to RGB, RGB to YCbCr conversion and graphic RGB processing were part of the original CP design so they were included in the datasheet specifications.

    The ADV7181D is a newer part based on the ADV7181C except for a few extra features like 10 analog inputs and a smaller package

    If you truly need CVBS to RGB conversion you might look at the ADV7842.

  • I bought this chip a couple months ago as a possible alternative to a competitor chip of yours. The competitor chip strictly takes an NTSC Composite (CVBS) input and converts it to YCbCr 4:2:2 so my microcontroller can further process it to a digital RGB format for its own display.

    I purchased this chip initially because I thought it can convert an NTSC Composite input directly to DDR-RGB 4:4:4 format output (or so the description and documentation lead me to believe), thus cutting the MCU overhead of having to convert to its usable RGB format.

    After spending the better of 2 hours reading the datasheet, manual and other info to create a test circuit, it seems that it may not be possible to convert to DDR-RGB4:4:4 with just an NTSC Composite input. It seems like it also needs 3 Analog RGB inputs as well on the AIN channels.

    Am I misunderstanding this or missing some important information?

    Also, I'm aware of the newer ADV7181D since the ADV7181C is not recommended for new designs. If the ADV7181C can work out I will be creating my design with the ADV7181C. I was not aware of the newer ADC7181D at my purchase in late October.

  • If you read "ADV7181C EVALUATION NOTE", in figure2 , it is clearly shown " CP SXGA 1280X1024" are supported in VER.3.0. Why suddenly do it disappear?

    Can you find the old vesion VER.3.0 script?

  • Table 8 in the Manual does not list SXGA resolution.  The data sheet only talks about resolutions up to 1024x768@70Hz (XGA70).  You might try the XGA script and see if it locks on to SXGA since the pixel clocks are about the same.  No guarantee.

    The ADV7842 will work for SXGA resolution.