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ADV212 Design Support Files

Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV212 JPEG2000 Codec

You can download zipped file collections.

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Resource Description
ADV212.pdf ADV212 Data Sheet, on the ADV212 Product Page ADV212 User Guide and Programming Guide, attached below
ADV202_ADV212 Application Notes Folder containing all App notes for the ADV202 and ADV212 [here]
TileSimulator.exe A software tool for showing compression quality of JPEG2000 and simulating tile artifacts on a PC. [here]
ADV212_release_notes_rev34_3.pdf File [here] with errata for the ADV212
ADV212 Firmware Latest versions of ADV212 encode and decode firmware [here]
ADV202 / ADV212 Test Firmware Special test firmware for verifying your host interface available for some modes [here]
ADV202 / ADV212 Ibis Files IBIS files for simulation of ADV2x2 [here]
Raw Mode Considerations Document listing the limitations of using raw pixel mode.  It's use is not recommended.