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ADV7611 Design Support Files

Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7611.

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Item Description
ADV7611 Product Page Link to Product Page
ADV7611 Datasheet Link to ADV7611 Datasheet
ADV7611 Reference Manual (UG-180) Link to ADV7611 Reference Manual
Additional Support Documents
ADV7611 Software Manual Link to ADV7611 Software manual containing descriptions of the register maps
ADV7611 Recommended Settings Link to ADV7611 Recommended Settings Guide
HDMI_RX_PowerSupplies_RevA_050411.pdf PCB Layout and Power Supply Design Recommendations (file attached below)

Link to the Limit Audio MCLKOut Frequency Look Up Table as explained here :

Script file

ADV7611 configuration scripts (file attached below)

IBIS Model
ADV7611.ibs Link to ADV7611 IBIS model
Reference Schematic & Layout

ADV7611 Reference Schematics (pdf), Layout & Bill of Materials

(file attached below)

adv7611ebz(b) ADV7611 Reference Layout & Schematic - PADS (file attached below)
Evaluation Board
ADV7611 Eval Board Note

ADV7611 Eval Board User Guide - EVAL-ADV7611EB1Z

(file attached below) AVES3 folder for evaluation board (file attached below) XRC folder for evaluation board (file attached below)
Software package for evaluation board You can request the source code project for the EVAL-ADV7611EB1Z/EVAL-ADV7611EB2Z here.
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    Here's a possible solution I found


    Change FileZilla Site Manager -> General tab -> Encryption from "Use explicit FTP over TLS if available" to
    "Only use plain FTP (insecure)" allows FileZilla to work with our FTP server.


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    Can you please start a regular thread with these problems.  It's easier for us to track the issues there.

    In the mean time what are you trying to download? 

  • Purchased an EVAL-ADV7611EBZ and the welcome sheet directs us to a ftp site that times out after 20 seconds in filezilla and gives the following error: Failed to retrieve directory listing.

  • Thread created - "what is max length of the video data output trace? "

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    Please create a thread for these questions so we can track the answers easier.  But to answer the question as long as you maintain proper impedance and low signal to signal skew, 30cm should not be an issue.  You need to check your layout with signal integrity tools.