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Advantiv™︎ Video Evaluation Software 2 (AVES2)

AdvantivTm Video Evaluation Software Version 2 (AVES2) is a Windows-based tool to read/write registers and run configuration scripts in order to configure ADI's HDMI 1.x evaluation boards.
In order to download the AVES2 sofware, you will need to be an HDMI licensee. If you are an HDMI licensee, you can request the AVES2 software here.
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  • Here's a quick table comparing AVES and DVP software.  Overall AVES is an upgraded newer version of DVP with tighter integration to Advantiv evaluation boards and additional features.  Of course I'm biased toward AVES since I have the most experience with it.  DVP is still valid and capable software to control evaluation boards. 

    FEATURES AVES XRC Tight integration with listed evaluation boards YES
    Auto Load device Advantiv board device XMLs YES
    Auto Load deviceAdvantiv board device scripts YES
    Auto Load device Advantiv board consoles YES
    Auto Load module addresses for ProAV boards YES
    Load any Device XML YES YES Load any Device script YES YES Create and Load Custom Consoles YES YES Advantiv serial interface YES YES Advantiv USB interface YES
    ADI_I2C interface YES YES Aardvark I2C Interface (direct board connection) YES
    Serial Port Interface YES YES Load multiple script files YES YES Auto-reload script files if they are edited YES
    Mutliple active consoles YES
    Dynamic console updating YES
    Integrated EDID editor for ProAV boards YES
    EDID editor YES
    Capture log files YES YES Device structure tree views YES
    Register name searches YES YES Device module views YES YES Individual register bit read/writes YES YES Individual register read/writes YES YES Read all of module registers YES YES read and save all of the device registers YES
    Work with non-Listed boards YES YES dotNET GUI YES
    Python GUI
    YES Allows multiple programs to access the target at the same time (must be AVESServer compliant) YES
    Command line interface to the target YES
    Allows custom Python programs

  • Thank you for your quickly reply. The table is clear and usefull for compare the two soft function.