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Advantiv™ Video Evaluation Software

This version of AVES has been superceded by AvesBlue found here:

AdvantivTm Video Evaluation Software (AVESBlue) 

The application remains available for legacy purposes.

AdvantivTm Video Evaluation Software 2.05 Release  12/11/12

This release supports for the Advantiv ADV7612-7511, ADV7619-7511, ADV7842-7511, ADV7850 evaluation boards.  Also included is the new fully functional, integrated yet stand-alone EDID editor. This program is intended to be used with AdvantivTm Video Evaluation Boards or with any hardware using an Aardvark USB to I2C adapter from Total Phase.

It can also be used as a basic terminal for commands with the AdvantivTm Video Evaluation Boards.

No hardware at all is required to use this software, it can also be used to view the register maps of the supported parts in an interactive way.

The following part XMLs have been verify however other XML file should work as well:







One "Setup_AVES2.msi" installs the AVES program with short cuts on the desktop and in Program->Analog Devices->AVES.

The other "Setup_EEdit.msi" program installs the EDID editor.  I recommend installing it in the same path as AVES was installed in or just allow it to default into the default paths.

This installer will attempt to install .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

If it can not then this framework can be found at:


All users should read the Software User manual.  Although this program was designed to be similar to the DVP Evaluation software there are some functional differences.

We need your help resolving issues that will show up.  When issues do occur please record and forward to us as much of the following as possible.

1) Operating System i.e. XP32, Win7/64.

2) Test environment, i.e. attached boards, dongles.

3) Screen captures of the issue.

4) A description of how to duplicate the issue.

5) A list of devices and script files loaded.

6) The most recent error log file located in application directory in the folder \error.

7) Any other pertinent information.

Please post this information as a new thread on the Video forum

All comments, pro, con, neutral, improvements or new feature requests are welcome and encouraged!


Previous versions of AVES have been removed