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AD9984A / AD9983A Design Support Files

AD9984A and AD9983A related documentation attached.  Included are the data sheet, evaluation board documentation, and application notes. Sample configuration scripts added on 03/12/2014 - please see attached zip file.

Product Support
AD9983A Datasheet Link to AD9983A Datasheet
AD9983A Product Page Link to AD9983A Product Webpage
AD9984A Datasheet Link to AD9984A Datasheet
AD9984A Product Page Link to AD9984A Product Webpage
Parents Comment
  • Thanks for the quick response. I was wondering whether X5R or X7R capacitors were needed for C1,C5,C7 and C27,C28,C29.

    You have also mentioned this is a rather old device. Is there a better replacement? My application actually needs digitizing PC outputs that comes out from DB15 connector.