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ADV7842 3D Capabilities

For the ADV7842 this FAQ answers the following questions,

1.      - List all the supported input 3D formats and resolutions.

2.     -  Does it support 3D to 2D conversion.

3.     -  All the output format it supports.

4.     -  How 3D video format detection is done

5.     -  Is there any software guide with respect to 3D.


I have attached a spreadsheet listing the 3D supported formats for the ADV7842 (attached in linked discussion)

The ADV7842 cannot convert 2D -> 3D or vice versa.

The video decoder treats 3D similar to 2D and passes it through to the backend device.

3D format is detected in the infoframe information in the vendor Specific infoframe.

The Software Manual lists the registers and interrupts relating to 3D detection.

This FAQ was generated from the following discussion: ADV7842 3D Capabilities