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ADV7180 Fast Switch Script

Under certain circumstances users of the ADV7180 may wish to switch from one analog input to another quickly. This is particular true in automotive applications where the demand to switch inputs in 'a blink of an eye'  (i.e. approximately 250 ms) is usual.

Using standard scripts it may sometimes take the ADV7180 longer than 250 ms to switch from one input to another. For this reason a fast switch script was created.

This allows the ADV7180 to lock to a video source in under 250 ms.

There are some drawbacks to using the fast switch script:

1) Autodetection cannot be used. The video format must be manually programmed.

2) In fast switch mode the ADV7180 is not robust to Macrovision (Rovi) signals.

3) In fast switch mode the ADV7180 is not robust to poor and non-standard video sources.

4) Analog Devices does NOT advise any deviation from the advised scripts, i.e. the fast switching script and the Standard ADI script. Deviation from these may introduce uncertainty.

Attachments Description
ADV7180_Fast_Switching_Script.txt ADV7180 Fast Switch Script File
ADV7180_Fast_switching.ppt Presentation With More In-Depth Information on Fast Switching