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What power up sequence should be used with the ADV8003?

The power-up sequence of the ADV8003 is as follows:


1.      Hold RESET and PDN pins low.

2.      Bring up the 3.3 V supplies (DVDD_IO, AVDD1, and AVDD2).

3.      A delay of a minimum of 20 ms is required from the point in which the 3.3 V reaches its minimum recommended value (that is, 3.14 V) before powering up the 1.8 V supplies.

4.      Bring up the 1.8 V supplies (DVDD, CVDD1, PVDD1, PVDD2, PVDD3, AVDD3, DVDD_DDR, and PVDD_DDR). These should be powered up together, that is, there should be a difference of less than 0.3 V between them.

5.      may be pulled high after supplies have been powered up.

6.      A complete is recommended after power up. This can be performed by the system microcontroller.


This is also documented in the HW manual.