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ADV7610 Design Support Files

Attached and linked are files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7610.


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Item Description
ADV7610 Product Page Link to ADV7610 Product Page
ADV7610 Datasheet Link to ADV7610 Datasheet
ADV7610 Hardware User Guide (UG-438) Link to ADV7610 Hardware User Guide
Additional Support Documents
ADV7610 Software Manual Link to ADV7611 Software manual containing descriptions of the register maps
HDMI_RX_PowerSupplies_RevA_050411.pdf PCB Layout and Power Supply Design Recommendations (file attached below)

Link to the Limit Audio MCLKOut Frequency Look Up Table as explained here :

Script file ADV7610 Configuration Scripts (file attached below)
IBIS Model
ADV7610.ibs Link to ADV7610 IBIS model
Evaluation Board
EVAL-ADV7610EBZ_schems_20120621.pdf Schematics (in PDF format) for this evaluation board (file attached below)
EVAL-ADV7610EB1Z Eval Board PCB Layout Link to ADV7610 Eval Board PCB Layout (pdf) PADS Schematics and layout files ADV7610 Eval Board (file attached below) Gerber Files for the ADV7610 (file attached below)
Software package for evaluation board You can request the source code project for the EVAL-ADV7610EBZ here.
  • 1) ADV7610 Software manual doesn't seem to match the scripts. The script is writing to registers that do not exist in the memory map of the software manual.


    Registers 0xC1 to 0xCC do not show up. What are these registers?

    68 C1 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C2 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C3 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C4 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C5 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C6 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C7 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C8 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 C9 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 CA 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 CB 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    68 CC 01 ; ADI recommended setting

    Is there a new ADV7610 software manual?

    2) The software manual shows that the HDMI Equalizer Dynamic Control registers default settings are not the same as the reset values (HDMI registers 0x8D - 0x94).  Which values should we use for these registers? 

    a) reset value, or

    b) default settings, or

    c) script values?