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Explanation As To Why the Crystal Does Not Oscillate on ADV7182 or ADV728x Systems After Powerup

When the ADV7182, ADV7280, ADV7280-M, ADV7281, ADV7281-M, ADV7281-MA, ADV7282 or ADV7282-M system is first powered, you will find that the 28.63636MHz crystal will not oscillate. This is expected behavior as per design.

This has surprised some customers as the older part, the ADV7180, did not operate in this manner. In ADV7180 systems the 28.63636MHz crystal oscillated immediately after power up.

This is because the ADV7182/ADV728x parts were designed to operate in a slightly different manner than the ADV7180.

When the ADV7182/ADV728x is first powered up it still remains in a software powerdown mode. In this powerdown mode the XTALP and XTALN pins are powered down. This results in the crystal not oscillating.

Running Analog Devices' recommended script forces the ADV7182/ADV728x out of powerdown mode. The write 0x00 to the User Sub Map register 0x0F forces theADV7182/ADV728x out of powerdown mode. After this write the crystal will start oscillating.

Parents Comment
  • Hello Tomoto-san,

    Unfortunately there is no way of activating crystal oscillations on the ADV7182/728x using only hardware controls.

    The ADV7182/728x must be programmed out of power-down mode in order for the crystal to start oscillating.


    Robert Hinchy

    Senior Applications Engineer,

    Analog Devices Inc.

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