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Blimp OSD Designer tool for NatureVue™︎ ADV800x and Advantiv®︎ ADV7625


  • Blimp 3.9 SP2 now available! ( see download link below)
    • ADV7625 framework OsdTimer and Animation task for animation support. also includes aanimation screensaver demo
    • ADV800x improved data packing for 32MB flash support
  • Blimp 3.9 SP1 
    • ADV800x: Support added for 32MB flash
    • ADV7625 color memory allocation issue corrected
  • Blimp 3.9 release
    • Static page OSD framework for ADV7625 with ADV7625 in master mode
  • Blimp 3.8 SP1
    • ADV7625 fixes for loading and unloading fonts for multi-language
  • Blimp 3.8 release
    • Run-time True Type font support in firmware for ADV800x
    • Multiple resolution page design support for ADV800x
    • High resolution font support in ADV7625
    • More image capability for 8 color images using Tboxes in ADV7625

Description and features

Blimp is used to design On-Screen-Displays (OSD) for the Analog Devices ADV800x and ADV7625 product family.

Blimp is used to:

  • Create the layout of an OSD through the Graphical User interface and define components such as Label with horizontal text scrolling, Text, List box that can include text and images with scrolling, progress bar, Histogram, Images and animations, menu bars, keyboards, Text boxes and more.
  • Define the navigation between OSD pages and menus from user inputs or timers.
  • Define Fonts, language strings, and Unicode characters sets to be used in OSD project.
  • Interface to call system level API function based on user interaction with the OSD
  • Compile and generate the ANSI-C source code which integrates to the system code to run the OSD with the ADV800x or ADV7625.

The product features:

  • Easy to use GUI to design On Screen Display (OSD) menus for the ADV800x and ADV7625 product family with OSD
  • Multi language configuration and Unicode character map selection
  • High resolution graphics up to ARGB888 on ADV800x and also can be customized per components to minimize memory used
  • Simple integration of output generated code and ready to use compressed flash file


Download Blimp OSD Designer here . Please note that you must register to get this software. If  you are logged in to the Engineering Zone, no registration is required.

Release notes

Release notes for latest Blimp OSD Designer tool for NatureVueTm ADV800x and AdvantivRegistered ADV7625 is attached below. For previous version release notes, see Blimp OSD Designer tool for NatureVueTm ADV800x and AdvantivRegistered ADV7625 release notes archive.

User manuals

Attached below are 3 user guides:

1 - Blimp User manual describes how to use Blimp to design OSD and generate code as well as Blimp's features common to all frameworks.

2 - Blimp ADV800x framework user manual describes components and features specific to the ADV800x product family.

3 - Blimp ADV7625 framework user manual describes components and features specific to the ADV7625 product family.

Product website links:

adv8003 - Video Signal Processor with Bitmap OSD, Dual HDMI Tx, and Video Encoder

adv8005 - NatureVueTm Video Signal Processor with Bitmap OSD, Dual HDMI Tx, and Encoder

adv7625 - 3GHz HDMI 5:2 cross point Transceiver with On-Screen Display

adv7627 - 3GHz HDMI 5:1 Transceiver with On-Screen Display

adv7626 - 3GHz HDMI 2:2 cross point Transceiver with On-Screen Display

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